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posnic office

In 2016, we formed a private limited company

(Posnic Innovations Private Limited)

Posnic was placed in the Nagapattinam district of TamilNadu, India, and began developing PosnicPro with basic POS features. Our small team passionate about taking point-of-sale applications to the next level, providing customers with cloud-based point-of-sale applications.

Three developers began developing with core PHP and MongoDB, and the team has grown to seven people.

With our expertise in PHP and MongoDB, we are confident that we can continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

During the Corona period, we worked from home, but now we have a new office in Thiruthuraipoondi.

Our team has grown in size and strength, and we have increased the number of employees working there, which has since grown dramatically.

PHP Point of Sale was designed for a small business to help track sales.

It has since grown from scratch and is used in many countries and for small businesses worldwide.


Government of india ministry of corporate affairs, Free Billing Software in India

I Hereby certify that Posnic innovations private limited is incorporated on this Twenty first day of July Two thousand sixteen... Click here

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This is to certify that Posnic innovations private limited incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 21- 07-2016... Click here

Let's take our journey together towards growth and success.

We are always here to help and guide you. Feel free to reach out to us without any hesitation.
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Provision of Data

Your Posnic server not only collects more data but also helps to secure and analyze it. This allows you to access your data at any time.

Grow your business with Posnic GST Billing Software, Free Billing Software in India
Level of business

Our Posnic is specially developed to predict every stage of the business accurately. It will let you know all the ways to help improve the business.

Posnic Billing Software quality assessment, Free GST billing software
Quality Assessment

The most critical phase in our group's everyday work is to offer astounding support to dear clients. As Posnic billing relations, you can evaluate our quality yourself.

Premium plan

₹5999.00 / Cloud

Our pricing plans cater to businesses of all sizes

  • Unlimited Sales
  • Unlimited Purchase
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Branch
  • Unlimited File Recovery
  • Cloud Back Up
  • Daily Email Report
  • SMS Integration
  • Customers Display
  • Reports

We resolve the confusion and problems faced by customers not only online but also manually; besides that, we place great importance on making our business service easy to understand and resolve quickly.

Posnic provides excellent customer service 24 hours a day, billing software with gst
Customer Caring

As we approach every problem and achieve success, we also increase our customers' trust. We promise never to lose this valued relationship and are happy to share our ten years of experience travelling with your trust.

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As we face each day's challenges, we share one with our team. Today's rest is a pause after success, so we continuously work day and night for success.

We work tirelessly for your satisfaction, Free Billing Software in India
Hard Workers