Data Entry / Form Filling

Data Entry Service providers in India

Our zeal to excel End-to-End Services specialized in to Data Entry Services, Data Conversion, image Conversion, Online Data Entry, and form processing completely in to Back-Office Outsourcing solutions.

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Posnic is here to provide a full spectrum of services effective result more than our esteemed client’s expectations, we furnish the Assignments and deliver on Quick turnaround times rapidly without affecting the quality of work.

We assure you the data will be delivered on quick turnaround times rapidly, without affecting the quality of work the data’s will be kept confidential will be delivered to you safely, our company is well equipped with advanced technology as well as our teams strong technical skills which helps us to accomplish your requirements without any hindrances.

Our Employees are well Educated well Trained with Greater Skills and Knowledge to Expertise Handle the work with Highest Quality, Posnic offers smart and affordable cost to your back office Requirements, By Engaging Posnic potentially you can save up to 60% of Cost Reduction, save your precious time and stay focused on your core business.

Data Entry Services

  • Copy paste
  • PDF to word
  • Data conversion
  • Data processing
  • Form processing
  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • Survey processing
  • Invoice data entry
  • Hard copy to soft copy
  • Insurance processing
  • Legal document data entry
  • Insurance processing
  • Legal document data entry
  • Medical billing data entry
  • Health insurance form filling
  • Image to any format processing
  • Automobile insurance Form filling
  • Yellow & white pages processing
  • E-book conversion in to any formats

Social Media Moderation

We Secure Your Online Brand.

Social media is free and open to anyone and everyone.   That’s the beauty of it.   It has never been as easy to communicate with customers as it has since the dawn of Likes and Tweets.   However, like spam in your inbox, Internet crooks and web cronies have begun to attack social media sites and unfortunately there’s no filter. Scout Moderation is your safeguard against inappropriate ads, images, and comments. Our moderators will monitor your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and websites around the clock to deflect posts made in bad taste. Your social media, your customers, and you can gain from Posnic’s moderation expertise.


Community Moderation

An online community has many benefits. It provides an opportunity to be engaged in direct dialogue and interaction with your current and potential customers and users that want to associate with your brand, but there are risks to this kind of exposure. Posnic is here to mitigate these risks and to limit any kind of liability that could potentially harm your brand and business. Posnic comment moderation is your best defense against any kind of malicious activity, unruly fans, spam, protecting minors, and preventing copyrighted materials from appearing on your platforms. Quality community moderation services ensure that your brand maintains an online presence with the public without jeopardizing security. Posnic ‘s social network managers know that you may not have the time, manpower or expertise to fully monitor your brand online, and that’s why we are here. Our social media moderators are highly trained individuals which work separately or in combination with our automated tools and filters to give your company the quality oversight it needs to continually succeed. With our moderators at the helm, you also get a customized brand voice for an authentic experience at all times. Protect your brand and community with Posnic .

Offensive Language and Images

If you are a kid directed site the type of language, photos, or videos that you allow to appear and remain on your platform probably differs greatly than for a community for a game played by people over 18 years of age.  As such, Posnic will work with you to craft the ideal dirty word hitless that will be entered into our automated tools for filtering or to be caught and removed by our human moderators. Similarly, photos or videos with graphic violence or sexual nudity is another thing that we can limit and remove and we work with you to determine what types of things you will and will not allow depending on your company’s philosophy and targeted demographic.

Trolls and Spammers

Sometimes a user will leave disparaging remarks or post unwanted content within your platform with the sole intent of distracting discourse away from your brand. Left unmoderated even a single troll or spammer can cause great harm on your social media site. With either proactive or reactive brand monitoring capabilities, Posnic can reduce your risk by banning trolls and eliminating spam from your online community.

Scalable Moderation

With Posnic moderators, you pay only for what you need.  Our community managers work with your team to develop a moderation schedule that fits your needs. Is your community filled with minors who primarily converse after school hours or do spammers infiltrate overnight? Choosing the correct moderation schedule for your communities is just as impactful as forum moderators are in protecting a community. Do you have a community with a huge presence or a rapidly growing fan base? We can quickly scale and add moderators to meet demand Also, our automated comment, forum and social media moderation technology works around the clock as a first line of defense and can quickly sift through content in even the busiest of communities.

What Else We Can Do For You

The term moderation generally arouses the idea of removing posts with offensive and abusive content but social media moderation is much more than that. Posnic social media monitors can approve new members and remove any inappropriate profile information that members post. We can remove copyrighted materials and can additionally escalate UGC (user-generated content) to internal members or authorities where necessary. Besides these tasks, they can also warn and ban users who don’t abide by the community guidelines, and with our streamlined processes in place, will keep a detailed running list of these users and all communications with them.

You’re In Good Hands

At Posnic, we understand social media moderation and forum moderation. In our hands, you can rest assured that your brand is secure after you close up shop for the day. Community 102 makes sure your users have the resources they need and communication they desire to insure customer satisfaction.  Whether its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or your owned and operated website, Community 102 will effectively moderate your online community and preserve its integrity.