1. Posnic runs on PHP and Mysql. So install LAMP package in your Linux distribution. Ex. Ubuntu 14.04CentOS 6
  2. After installation LAMP, Create directory name called “posnic” in your web directory ( Ex. /var/www/html/  for Ubuntu). Then extract your posnic files into that.
    Note: directory name “posnic” is optional. you can create whatever you want.
    linux Installation
  3. Now you can access posnic application via http://localhost/posnic


  4. Enter your MySQL database username and password details. Ex. ( default host -> localhost, username-> root, password -> [empty] )
    windows installation
  5. Click Install, then you will get option to enter database name and choose database name based on your credentials access permission. After entering database name you have option to choose install demo data. This demo data will help you to understand existing flow and later you can delete those.
    windows installation choose db
  6. Click Next, then you will get user details screen. Here you can create you login credentials. Enter your username and password then your password recovery secret question and answer.
    Windows installation user detail
  7. Click Next, you will get final step. Enter your store or company details. After entering all details click finish. That will redirect to login page.
    Final step for windows installation
  8. login
    Now you can login with your credentials.
    Congrats !!! Your installation is done !!!

If you have any issue in installation, please comment below.



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